Tuesday, February 19, 2013

California Armenian Home- Story of a Community Leader in Fresno

Occasionally we will share stories from community leaders who have been treated poorly by this facility.  We will leave out the names. 
The K Family is very well known in Fresno, the husband is an Attorney, the wife a Registered Nurse and their son is a Judge in Fresno County.

 Mrs. K had her mother at the facility and had some issues with Yuba (surprise surprise) apparently Mrs. K had some connections through her medical background and had some concerns that were never addressed properly by Yuba.  Years later, Mrs. K was asked to join the board at the California Armenian Home but politely declined based on her bad experiences with Yuba and her crass behavior.  They will not donate to the home or have anything to do with it, as several Armenian medical professionals do not or Armenian legal community (except for those that do work on the side) 

The future of the California Armenian Home is uncertain as anyone under the age of 40 that is Armenian cares less about this place and will not insure that it continues on.  The only ones hanging on are still holding onto the glory days 30 years ago when it was the pride of the Armenian people. 
The Armenian Churches don't care, they would just as soon have the money donated to them rather than to Yuba and her staff of dregs.

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