Tuesday, February 19, 2013

California Armenian Home- Story of a Community Leader in Fresno

Occasionally we will share stories from community leaders who have been treated poorly by this facility.  We will leave out the names. 
The K Family is very well known in Fresno, the husband is an Attorney, the wife a Registered Nurse and their son is a Judge in Fresno County.

 Mrs. K had her mother at the facility and had some issues with Yuba (surprise surprise) apparently Mrs. K had some connections through her medical background and had some concerns that were never addressed properly by Yuba.  Years later, Mrs. K was asked to join the board at the California Armenian Home but politely declined based on her bad experiences with Yuba and her crass behavior.  They will not donate to the home or have anything to do with it, as several Armenian medical professionals do not or Armenian legal community (except for those that do work on the side) 

The future of the California Armenian Home is uncertain as anyone under the age of 40 that is Armenian cares less about this place and will not insure that it continues on.  The only ones hanging on are still holding onto the glory days 30 years ago when it was the pride of the Armenian people. 
The Armenian Churches don't care, they would just as soon have the money donated to them rather than to Yuba and her staff of dregs.

California Armenian Home- Top Ten Reasons to donate

We believe that the conservative Armenians of Fresno with money are no longer donating to the facility because it is no longer operated by anyone with Armenian ethnicity.  Additionally, the home rarely uses Armenian vendors, it seems they want donations but have nothing to give in return.  Speaking to older Armenians in Fresno, they see the California Armenian Home as either an embarassment and should remove the "Armenian" name as there is nothing Armenian about it any more.  Many have had poor experiences with the home and Yuba's attitude toward Armenians.  They want the government money then they should take it and sell the place to a corporation that knows how to operate this place.
Many people that work there do not take care of the elderly or act, dress or speak with professionalism.  The outer appearances are beautiful, but what happens in the day to day operation is a concern to many who no longer will donate. 
LVNs who have poor communication skills, bad charge nurses who push all of the work onto the CNAs who in turn are overworked.  Most are not over the age of 30 as it is a very hard job, those that are professional will move onto becoming an RN (Yuba, that is "Registered Nurse")  The poor unkept appearance of some of the staff is an embarassment, poor bleach jobs on hair, visable tattoos on neck, and hand, wrinkled and stained medical smock. 

Here are the TOP TEN REASONS some Armenians might want to donate to the California Armenian Home
10.  If you donate you get a 2 for 1 free tickets to the Grand Fresno Opera that the facility's legal counsel is one of the founding members of (P.S. they might unprofessionally cancel shows at the last minute)

9.   Donate to Yuba's going away party

8.   Fund the recruitment of a professional, DEGREED, and likeable replacement as Administrator.

7.  You can get your name plastered on the wall as a "donor" and join the band wagon.

6.  Your money can instill that the facility still occasionally serves Armenian Food.

5.  Somehow if you donate they won't have to accept government funding which is the majority of the operational budget.  (Don't bet on this one they like the government money)

4.   Your donated money might insure that an Armenian is part of the administration at the California Armenian Home instead of just a low level cook, janitor or maintence person.

3.   The money can be used to complete the remodeling inside, then the home can be sold to a corporation that KNOWS how to operate a facility.

2.   Donations can help offset costs of poor people who don't qualify for MediCAL or who cannot afford to pay over $5,800 a month ($70,000 a year) for this human warehouse.  Then Yuba won't slam the phone down on community leaders who want to put a relative in there.  This has been documented 3 times already.  They were: An Attorney, A Pharmacist, and the host of the Armenian Radio Show (big mistake Yuba)

1.  And the number one reason?.....
That your money can be used to purchase back the AACL building, (Armenian American Citizen's League Building) this building was mistakenly handed over to the home over 40 years ago when the home needed the assistance.  The home collects money on the rent of the building.  But what money was used on that $500,000 face lift?  Hopefully, not MediCAL or MediCARE money intended for patient care.  MORE ABOUT FACE LIFTS LATER...


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

California Armenian Home and Audits = decrease in donations

As the California Armenian Home becomes a governmental money controlled nursing and residential facility.  There is no need for that Armenian money to subsidized this anti-Amenian home.  1- No Armenians working in Administration (God forbid if any educated Armenian was working there Yuba can't handle intelligence   2- No Armenians in the home except for 15 at the moment (that is out of 120 beds)  Armenians are giving their money to causes more near and dear to their culture and pocketbook, instead of to feed the ego and power hungry Lubjica the Croatian Witch. 

Here is an audit that showed there was overbilling of MediCAL payments and California Armenian Home was ordered to pay back $8,867.00 to the State MediCaid program.  While we are on the subject of double billing or double dipping......There was a call to the Armenian Community by the Home Guild to raise money for medcal supplies such as wheel chairs (over $1,200+) and shower chairs (over $300+ ea) first of all these are overinflated prices.  The state wanted to know if that was for electric wheel chairs.  So folks stay with us on this.....the total wish list for medical supplies was over $150,000. 

The problem with this is each individual patient has what is called a "working order" from THEIR physician for these supplies, which in turn is billed to MediCAL, MediCARE or their private pay/insurance.  So is the California Armenian Home DOUBLE DIPPING.  Where exactly does that donated money go intended for medical supplies? 

Armenians are pros at soaking MediCAL and MediCARE. 
Here is just one of the many audits.


How about more ex disgruntled employees stepping forward and giving some statements.  The State, County and Federal Government would like to hear from more of you. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

California Armenian Home, Nursing Home Administrators

The current administrator of the California Armenian Home, Yuba Sonofabitch, started at the home over 30 years ago as a CNA.  Over the years, she has learned to align herself with a few influential people and knows how to play the political game very well. 
Cuba has additionally hired people who are non-Armenian in key positions, she looks for people that are new immigrants: Hmong, Mexican, Russian, etc., who are desperate for a job.  They come cheap and are so grateful to have a job they will not cause any waves for Tuba.   Scuba, has a small circle of these dregs (who cannot find a job anywhere, desperate for money, single mothers) that are loyal out of fear of losing their jobs.

Lubica, left over 5 years ago (or was asked to leave) and headed down to San Diego to work at the Emmanuel facility.  Then the unfortunate thing happened, the company managing the California Armenian Home facility had a $100K shortfall of money (because of incorrect billing to MediCAL) the then board president Julie (*set the odometer back) Miller panicked and against the boards wishes begged Lubrication to come back.  This later resulted in 3 board members who are community leaders to step down from the board or be voted out by the Miller-Saroyan-Bagdasarian family / friends
* Fill in the dots yourself, Miller's husband has a car lot that was busted for setting back odometers. THIS SAME FORMER BOARD PRESIDENT THAT CLAIMS "We treat everyone the same" yet her auntie Charlotte has a private room with the best of furniture and care. 

Yuba negiotiated a $150K a year salary and additional $20K for passing audits (total compensation $170,000 yr) yet to our knowledge posses no degree of any sort, nor has a medical license (although she claims online to be a "Physician")  She stepped in with the understanding that she would have control of the hospital and turn it around, yet to this day she believes that she is grossly underpaid.  This is more than physicians, lawyers and others that are highly educated.

MediCARE and MediCAL have made many changes to their reimbursements, the laws are constantly changing and a facility with a $17+ million budget (65% from Government, 20% private pay, 15% donations) cannot be handled by an ignorant rude person who has no clout in the Fresno Community. on 3 seperate occasions Ms. Tuba, Yuba, Scuba or whatever her name is has rudely told members of the Fresno Armenian Community that "we hag no rome forg your familee"  (in her crass uneducated Croatian accent) then slams down the phone.  One of these "Fresno Armenian Leaders" was an attorney that called a board member who had George Juarez call her back within 3 days for a room.

Yuba leads by fear and intimidation, this is her only talent.  It works for so long then her little small group of loyalists cannot take it.  The turnover is high at the California Armenian Home, anyone with real talent will move on to work in a non-nursing home facility.  Snuba will not hire anyone that is intelligent or has a mind of their own.  Especially any educated Armenians, they are considered a threat to her.  There are tons of Armenian surgical nurses, physicians and other medical professionals that would be a benefit to the hospital.  But now that it is heavily government subsidized you have to play by the government rules.  Meanwhile that Armenian money that use to flow in to the California Armenian Home is shrinking, shrinking, shrinking to nothing. 

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