Friday, November 29, 2013

California Armenian Home, Yuba Radojkovich still posing as a Medical Doctor

1 year ago this blog reported on 4 Physician web sites where Yuba Radojkovich (Fondly called Yuba RealDirtyBitch or "The Black Snake) had been posing as a medical doctor.

Several complaints were filed at the state licensure board with local physicians (that are licensed) signing this.  It seems that Yuba covered her tracks and removed some of her FALSE claims, but one remains.

Yuba, we realize they cannot find anyone that wants the Adminstrator's position.  However, you have chased away the Armenian community and there is no more support for this sham of a nursing home money pit.

You are unprofessional, and cannot keep anyone decent there.  Take a look at most of the employees?  They are desperate and mostly immigrants from India, Mexico, Russia, Philipines, etc .,
There are a handful that have been there 20 years and they are just coasting till retirement, great people.

Then there is the tattoo infested single mothers, that break every rule of HIPAA, taking photos, blurting out diagnosis, giving oranges to diabetic patients, creating gossip with the staff, Roaming freely away from her station, etc.,

Here is a warning for you Yuba, CEASE AND DESIST.  Take this down now or you will have another audit shoved up your ass so fast.  What is the fines up to this year?  Over payments?  Step down and let someone with an MBA in Health Care Administration take over before it's too late.

Take it down now, it is a LIE.

We are showing this to the hospitals in Fresno and NONE, WE REPEAT "NONE" are recommending hospital patients be admitted for rehab or anything else.  We know all about the empty bed ratio and what percentage needs to be filled just to pay the bills.  Expect more empty beds.