Friday, November 6, 2015

California Armenian Home and that unprofessional staff

It's not a huge secret that the California Home for the Aged, dba California Armenian Home cannot find good decent help.  Nor is it some huge secret that Armenians do not patronize this facility, for various reasons but the top of the list is Yuba and her unprofessional staff.
They continue to keep the name "Armenian" on the sign in hopes they get some sort of donations (not happening) their enrollment in the 150 beds is still way below the 20%, and never exceeds 25 Armenians.
So we have an unprofessional staff, that is grateful just to have a job with no class or care on how to treat patients or families of patients.  The hospital cannot get community support, and most small better home facilities are operated by Armenians not a greedy mix of old timers that depend on Yuba as some sort of "expert"  (high school graduate)
The latest is their quest for more money and building little residences, none are pre sold.  No one is interested in living on the grounds of a place that is Anti-Armenian or being near Yuba and her "classy" desperate workers that couldn't find a job anywhere else and are hell bent on destroying what our families built.
Here is the latest of the staff misfits, and her escapes in Vegas,
To Whorey Lori; you better stay put for the next 20 years. if the new owners will keep you.
To Mary Ann Moreno : para su puta - From the Armenian Website.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

California Armenian Home a bad place to put your family, even the Armenian community doesn't support CAH

Don't be fooled by the poor marketing of California Armenian Home, they try to lie and say they are a "4 star nursing home".  That doesn't exist, there is no such rating except in the hotel industry. 

Armenians no longer support this embarrassment of a place, there is only 18 Armenian residents out of 150 beds.  They have turned it into a money pit of shame that will go downhill as the next generation of Armenians will not be around to serve on the board (a sorry bunch of people) or on the Ani Guild (no one under the age of 55 cares about this place.
Sell it and be done with it, we have small homes all over Fresno and home health care. 

California Armenian Home will not hire Armenians as Yuba the director hates them.  She makes $150,000 a year plus $20,000 in bonus.  Yuba started off 40 years ago as CNA then worked her way into the financial medical billing (always staying close to the money)

She has no college degree not even a high school diploma and has referred to herself as a MD (Medical Doctor) she is not and has been turned into the state.  She is stale old bread that the Armenians use to do the dirty work, most of the board speaks terrible about her and doesn't like her. 
Yuba hires her close group of "yes people" mostly desperate immigrants and single moms looking for work.  She takes advantage of their desperate situations, even hires nutcases like Lori Quinn.  Major donors no longer give a dime to this dump. 

So she has a new rifle a pink one
who is Lori Quinn aiming this at?
Maybe her idol Yuba SonofAbitch

Sunday, March 29, 2015

California Armenian Home and some of the reasons no private donations anymore

Low class staff unkept proudly taking photo down the
Walmart aisle.  Where are the lips?
Rode hard and dumped dirty
and this is why no private money will ever
flow into the California Armenian Home again.