Wednesday, March 27, 2013

California Armenian Home and the Minions that serve it's master Yuba

The Minions from Despicable Me, they live only to serve an evil master

California Armenian Home "Minions" who serve their evil master.  They will protect their measely jobs at any expense.

Minions have actually existed throughout history, always seeking out the most despicable master to serve. At a time before they met their current boss Gru, Yuba,  the Minions encountered Scarlet Overkill, a stylish and bad-ass super-villain bent on world domination. Minions is due to be released in 2014; in the meantime Despicable Me 2 will be in cinemas this coming summer (2013).

But the next segment of the California Armenian Home is undecided and the fate of the Minions at the hands of their new Master will be very very soon.  

Take a long hard look Yuba, these are the people that earn your $20,000 bonus you receive for passing audits.  You do nothing to earn it, this is the workers that clean the floor, change the diapers, bath the residents, etc., They are the ones you should be spliting the $20,000 with. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

California Armenian Home, one of the reasons wealthy Armenians do not wish to donate here

Over the last 40 years, the California Armenian Home went from a privately subsidized home with only 30 beds to a government financed home with questionable practices.  The standards of care have lowered and there just isn't any interest from the wealthy Armenian community in the home because the home would rather hire this sort of riff raff.  The budget put into the grounds and outer appearances is insanely high. 

Would you hire this?   or donate to this place?  

Gun permit?   NO
Tresspassing   YES
Crazy Bitch     Her friends call her this and then remark to "not mix wine with shooting so she can hit her mark."

The question is will she go postal and bring her guns to work?  If she does it is Yuba's fault, for hiring psychos like this.  This loser also sets a bad example for the rest of the staff that believe they have their own code of laws to go by not by the state, county or federal laws. 

This person also takes photos of inside of the California Armenian Home and frequently invades the privacy of residents and their families.    She has no business near patients, or even caring for the elderly, this is a dangerous person with poor judgment.   The California Armenian Home bypasses hiring qualified employees with degrees for this?   At this point the word on the street is no one with any skills that are marketable will work there.  WalMart or California Armenian Home?  Well it's not for educated Armenians because Yuba cannot stand having someone around that is smarter or more powerful than her.    Maybe Yuba will let this thing into her private gym so they can work out  shoot together.  Great professionalism Yuba, keep it up, surely you will pass those long lists of audits.  Especially the financial one. 
Taking photos of the inside of the California Armenian Home, it was her birthday and she wanted the whole world to know about it.  So she took this picture and has a big blabber mouth boasting about taking the picture inside of the health care facility.  Wait till the next audit hits, it is going to be a doozie.  Lets put it this way Yuba the Black Snake may not get her bonus check.  Yuba hates Armenians and they hate her, they refuse to work for her.  Except for 3 that barely speak English.  But then ----> Yuba barely speaks English. 


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

California Armenian Home, For Yuba the Croatian Turk

Yuba, ne postoji nitko u armenskoj zajednici koja vas voli. Vi ćete dobiti više nema donacije iz bogate Armenaca.

PERHAPS she would understand better in Croatian.

From a Croatian Professor, a private message to you.

Friday, March 1, 2013

California Armenian Home, feeble attempt to raise funds

The Ani Guild will hold its annual fundraiser benefiting the California Armenian Home on Saturday, March 23rd, 2013. The event will begin at 6:00 pm at Commercial Neon, located at 5547 North Golden State Boulevard in Fresno. This year’s theme is “Neon Nights”. Attendees will enjoy traditional Armenian ‘mezza’ appetizers, food stations catered by Pardini's, and an adult beverage bar. The event will also feature a cash drawing with a top prize of $10,000, a fabulous $5.00 raffle and silent auction, as well as music by DJ Nicko. The price of admission is $65 per person. Desert and dancing admission at the door will be available after 9:00 pm. To purchase tickets, please contact Debby Bagdasarian at 559-251-2912.

This event is supposedly sponsored by some wealthy Armenian businesses, but when it was mentioned to them their name was on the flyer they didn't know what we were talking about.  Many are old themselves and have in home care at their houses rather than check into the human warehouse.  
Neon Nights is just another lame attempt to bring the community together and no one cares about this dump anymore because it is no longer by Armenian people for Armenian people.  Whoever wins the $10,000 you are shamed into donating the money back so it's a farce.  The catering done by "Pardinis"  geez with all the Armenian restaurants you would think the Ani Guild would give back to the community by way of business. 

Lastly this dump where they are having the party is not in a good area of town, what is wrong with the AACL building?  Don't want to pay rent to Yuba?  Ani Guild, good luck with your fund raiser but the reality is no one cares any more.  When you became a government subsidized facility, and became too greedy by increasing the bed size it is now your problem.  You are stuck with a money pit, that is not for Armenians but for 110 residents that are non-Armenian and approximates 80 employees with only 3 being Armenian. 

Peddle your pathetic fundraisers some where else and stop bothering Armenian businesses about putting up your stupid flyer.  At least forget about purchasing bathrobes and shower gel this year, that was stupid stupid and more stupid.  Try using the money to hire a qualified Activities Director and more Armenian administration.  The glory days of the California Armenian Home are over, done, finished.  Sell the place and donate the money to the Armenian Community Center and other worthwhile groups that don't get government subsidies and are not prejudiced toward Armenians.  Tell then, the support will dwindle and people under the age of 50 care less about it. 

Ani Guild save your money and use it to recruit a new Administrator that is educated with a license, they don't have to be Armenian just educated and professional to the Armenian families in central California.  The Ararat Homes in Southern California, would never put up with Yuba, or some of her wayward staff.  Do a house cleaning before the place is not worth selling. 

Fresno Armenians are not responsible for caring for everyone.  Our money should be used to advance OUR community, give to worthwhile groups or causes.  You don't give to us, we certainly will not give to you.  Stop feeding the Croatian Monkey.