Friday, March 1, 2013

California Armenian Home, feeble attempt to raise funds

The Ani Guild will hold its annual fundraiser benefiting the California Armenian Home on Saturday, March 23rd, 2013. The event will begin at 6:00 pm at Commercial Neon, located at 5547 North Golden State Boulevard in Fresno. This year’s theme is “Neon Nights”. Attendees will enjoy traditional Armenian ‘mezza’ appetizers, food stations catered by Pardini's, and an adult beverage bar. The event will also feature a cash drawing with a top prize of $10,000, a fabulous $5.00 raffle and silent auction, as well as music by DJ Nicko. The price of admission is $65 per person. Desert and dancing admission at the door will be available after 9:00 pm. To purchase tickets, please contact Debby Bagdasarian at 559-251-2912.

This event is supposedly sponsored by some wealthy Armenian businesses, but when it was mentioned to them their name was on the flyer they didn't know what we were talking about.  Many are old themselves and have in home care at their houses rather than check into the human warehouse.  
Neon Nights is just another lame attempt to bring the community together and no one cares about this dump anymore because it is no longer by Armenian people for Armenian people.  Whoever wins the $10,000 you are shamed into donating the money back so it's a farce.  The catering done by "Pardinis"  geez with all the Armenian restaurants you would think the Ani Guild would give back to the community by way of business. 

Lastly this dump where they are having the party is not in a good area of town, what is wrong with the AACL building?  Don't want to pay rent to Yuba?  Ani Guild, good luck with your fund raiser but the reality is no one cares any more.  When you became a government subsidized facility, and became too greedy by increasing the bed size it is now your problem.  You are stuck with a money pit, that is not for Armenians but for 110 residents that are non-Armenian and approximates 80 employees with only 3 being Armenian. 

Peddle your pathetic fundraisers some where else and stop bothering Armenian businesses about putting up your stupid flyer.  At least forget about purchasing bathrobes and shower gel this year, that was stupid stupid and more stupid.  Try using the money to hire a qualified Activities Director and more Armenian administration.  The glory days of the California Armenian Home are over, done, finished.  Sell the place and donate the money to the Armenian Community Center and other worthwhile groups that don't get government subsidies and are not prejudiced toward Armenians.  Tell then, the support will dwindle and people under the age of 50 care less about it. 

Ani Guild save your money and use it to recruit a new Administrator that is educated with a license, they don't have to be Armenian just educated and professional to the Armenian families in central California.  The Ararat Homes in Southern California, would never put up with Yuba, or some of her wayward staff.  Do a house cleaning before the place is not worth selling. 

Fresno Armenians are not responsible for caring for everyone.  Our money should be used to advance OUR community, give to worthwhile groups or causes.  You don't give to us, we certainly will not give to you.  Stop feeding the Croatian Monkey. 

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