Monday, September 3, 2012

California Armenian Home

This facility doesn't hire any Armenians higher up than menial work.  Out of 120 workers (listed on 990 tax returns) there is Armenians in maintence, janitorial and working in the kitchen.  All are immigrants and in need of employment.  Why is this place so worried about hiring educated Armenians?  After all it was Armenians that worked hard, sacrificed their time to build the home for the survivors of Genocide. 
Many of us had grandparents who were orphaned by the Turks (the cousins of the Croatians) We understood they need love and care as they aged because many had no childhood as it was robbed from them by killers who practiced ethnic cleansing. 

An Armenian lady who was loved by the community was fired by the Croatian Turk aka CT- that is the Administrator.  A fake phony who has declared on more than one occasion that she is a "Medical Doctor".  So phony she got a facelift and conned the Home Guild into putting in a gym for the employees that she regularly works out in.  Here is one example of her posing as a physician using an address in San Diego.  (We are told this is where the CT worked when she was dismissed from the California Armenian Home)  But like a dirty virus she is back.

Why does CT pose as a Medical Doctor while using addresses in San Diego and Fresno? 

To the Croatian Turk, quit sniffing around the Armenian community for money.  They despise you and your enabler.  You have no clout and are a bigot.  You treat Armenians like shit,  yet have your hand open for more and more money.  Stay away from our churches, you have no business near them.  The next time you are dismissed from your job, don't come back.  Your enabler won't be there forever.

Tough luck, you will have to make due with the $14+ million you soak from MediCare and MediCal. 
Armenians are choosing to go elsewhere for their needs - there are many other nicer places in Fresno than your money pit.

BTW, the community also laughs at the way you dress.  They call you a "two bit hussy"

Stop hiring friends and family, the founding fathers are rolling over in their graves. 

Los Angeles Armenian home is fantastic!!!  They hire a good mix of people and have fantastic talent. 

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