Tuesday, September 4, 2012

California Armenian Home- Audits, Audits and more Audits

While the Californa Armenian Home is struggling through the county, state and federal audits from everything to mold to HIPAA violations and privacy of patients /family members being stalked with cameras by low life staff member.  Playing "victim" will not work, the VICTIMS are the patients not your lying staff.
Continue to not correct the actions and behaviors of your staff - you can expect less and less money from the Armenian community.  Worse than the money, you have lost support.  Most do not want their family members in the California Armenian Home as it is not for Armenians anymore.  It's all bullshit.

Kirk Krikorian's Lincy Foundation snubbed the California Armenian Home and instead donated $5 million to the Children's Hospital of Central California as well as $100,000 to the Armenian Community School. 

The free flowing money from Armenian donations is over.  When this facility decided to put odars in charge, they now have people who don't care about the reputation of the facility but rather only care about protecting their jobs.

California Armenian Home has some GREAT LVNs and CNAs, but the ones that are not professional need to go.  You fired PS who is an Armenian and have no problem getting rid of people for no reason.  You have plenty of just cause reasons to fire LQ, SL, JG and others. 

Since the Croatian Turk (CT) loves money so much, lets see if she can make up the decline in donations with the paltry fund raiser "Old Fashion Armenian Picnic" at $50.00 a head - that is pathetic.  The Board of California Armenian Home is clueless, the only person in control is the enabler of the CT. 
At $50.00 a ticket, September 15th will be the worse attended picnic, they will be lucky to make $5,000 and we all know that Richard Hagobian doesn't play for free. 

$5,000 won't cover 1 patient's fee for 1 month.  What a waste of time and energy.  For what?  To prove you are some sort of Armenian facility when you are not?  

There were plenty of smiles at Children's Hospital Central California Wednesday morning as it received the largest, single gift in its history.
The Lincy Foundation presented a $5 million donation to the hospital.
According to hospital officials, the gift will help provide safe and effective care to patients and their families.
The money will also be used to explore a physicians' fellowship program and increase its research infrastructure.
"This isn't a gift that happens often and it's so exciting and it will provide so much to the children in the Valley," said Gordon L. Alexander, President and CEO of Children's Hospital.
"We are pleased to be able to partner with Children's Hospital as they enhance their position as the leading pediatric healthcare provider in the region and throughout the western United States," said Anthony Mandekic, chairman of the board for The Lincy Foundation.
The Lincy Foundation is an organization founded by businessman and philanthropist Kirk Kerkorian.

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