Monday, September 10, 2012

California Armenian Home and dwindling support

Poor Guy looks like he is ready for the home, except he will have a private nurse at his own residence, because he really thinks he is too good to admit himself in the California Armenian Home.  Notice not one Armenian Attorney is there?  Where is the staff that he professes to protect?  Any opera singers from his Fresno Grand Opera?  No, Nothing exciting here.  The woman is Eileen Ohanian, she was a French Teacher at Wawona Jr. High, now retired with a lot of time on her hands.
This is the last fundraiser given by the Ani Guild and there was barely 100 people there.  It costs more to put on these fake show of support than they actually bring in.  There is no younger people in the Ani Guild and no interest because it is not an Armenian operated nursing care facility.   This was in 2011, since then many people and groups have pulled their support of the California Armenian Home.   They should have thought about this before they destroyed the California Armenian Home.  It cannot survive on it's reputation anymore.

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