Monday, September 3, 2012

California Armenian Home and why Armenian vendors are not hired

The reasons Armenian businesses and physicians are shunned from this nursing facility is for 2 reasons 1)  They don't want to deal with the dirty underhanded politics of the California Armenian Home   2)  The California Armenian Home does not want to hire Armenians for work, or contractual work because they tell the rest of the community what is going on.

Lets start with the unit dose medication for the patients.  Even though Model Drug is one of the best in the valley and well respected.  California Armenian Home decides to go with PrimAmerica a non-Armenian pharmaceutical firm.  Whilest the cousin of the board President is a Pharmacist (worked in Sacramento) [that is another story about the board president's family members serving with her on the board to protect her poor decisions]
California Armenian Home uses very little Armenian businesses and services, yet wants donations from businesses that have never made close to the salary that the CT (Croatian Turk) has made.  CT's salary is $150,000 per year and she is rewarded for passing audits -additional $20,000 that is a whopping $170,000 per year.  While this is common practice in larger nursing homes, why would someone be rewarded for doing their job?  This could explain the many cutting of corners to pass audits- we all know that the Croatian Turk loves money.  Maybe she took a suitcase full of cash on her visit to Croatia - or perhaps it is a one-way ticket to avoid the laundery list of audits that will be comming up. 

We are told that CT (who has left the country as we write this- maybe to avoid the additional audits )  believes she is worth more money.  This is more than the Medical Director makes and many other Physicians who ACTUALLY have a degree.  Speaking of Medical Director, the facility pushes non-Armenian physicians one of which is Punjabi who closed his private practice to "consult" with nursing homes.  For showing up a bare minimum of 8 hours a month, it isn't bad dough - although no where near $170,000 that the Croatian Turk makes.  Seriously CT THINKS she is a doctor, and has even signed their tax returns as a CPA.  A jack of all trades and a master at nothing except playing dirty politics that have gotten her no where except NO MONEY from the Armenian Community.

The facility Attorney is also non-Armenian, he is a 75 year old Dago who is money grabbing from the Armenians via the Raisin Advisory Board and Fresno Grand Opera that he is affilated with.  But make no mistake about it, he has been in court against many Armenians : Edna Garabedian, and the Lion's Brothers Packing.  Hopefully Eddie Jr. won't put him at CAH when his time is up (which appears to be soon judging from his confusion of proper paperwork, dates and other issues)

The Attorneys and Judges of Fresno County include over 25% that are Armenian, why do they want nothing to do with California Armenian Home?  Because of the politics, but will do extra outside work for them on a needed basis (we are told by one criminal Armenian Attorney)   The facility saves a bit of money using a semi-retired Dago who is on a retainer.
Here is the web site of the Armenian Bar Association.

So money grab away you non-Armenian vendors, we hope you get more and more money from the facility.  In fact, we would like to help you get even more.  Hell, the Armenian groups in the community even have to pay CAH for the use of the AACL  rental for events.  Such as why we choose to have our events elsewhere - support the Armenian Center by having your events there.  Or at the Camp Pashayan on Weber, near Hwy 99 - both are nice facilities. 

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