Saturday, February 15, 2014

California Armenian Home and written warning to the staff trouble maker Lori Quinn

It seems everyone's favorite flunky nurse is in trouble again.  What does this make?  Ah, that is right...2 written warnings in a period of 30 days for Ms. Lori Quinn aka Loriane Bristol Quinn aka staff trouble maker.

From what we are told, our resident trouble maker is at it again and being rude and unprofessional to resident's family members.  This goes from listening to their conversations and invading their privacy, to taking photos on the floor of the California Armenian Home, text messaging her gang that will even listen to her crap.  Or the worse being insubordinate to her superiors and co workers, making inappropriate remarks to family visitors to extreme bossy behavior and sense of self-righteousness.  The only problem with this is, these are getting reported and the staff will no longer be dragged into Lori Quinn's issues.  They may have had her back before but most grow tired of her game playing at work.  Kissing Yuba's ass or making calls to her superior for her side of the story just isn't making it anymore.  Lori grow up and just do your job and keep your ignorant mouth shut. 

We need to correct Lori Quinn, she remarked to a family member that "the patients pay for use of a room and we cannot remove them or tell them they cannot use an area"  Dear Ms. "Know it all" stupid ignorant Lori. 
The residents are paying for general room, board and care, using certain rooms that are PRE APPROVED is beyond general room, board and care.  Besides the majority do not pay a dam thing as they are on Medicaid, which is what the nursing home industry depends on to pay your measely salary.  So it is the government that pays for most of the services there at the California Armenian Home.  The Home Guild and Ani Guild are trying to raise funds for the remodeling to be completed, that is their business NOT YOURS. 

So lets try to help out our resident trouble maker to understand what it means to be "written up" at work and just what is a written complaint.  Is it serious?  or will Lori be able to con her way out of trouble again with a simple warning?  We will see but the pattern repeats itself with her, she seems to have a hard time with rules and regulations about privacy.  Lori also doesn't respect authority and is a bad example to the other employees that see her get away with calling the police, causing trouble, using a camera to photo graph and video illegally inside the facilty to barging in the board room as if it is her own private area.  The other employees are on to her trouble and are staying away, even though Lori gossips to them all about her issues with certain people some are now reporting her. 

A little friendly suggestion.......because we want to keep Lori at the California Armenian home for another 20 years so she can stay in her happy job and have plenty of time to think about her great job every time she drives up the long driveway to work.  Yes it is serious, it is their way of dismissing you without you having legal recourse because they after all.."warned you" of the behavioral issues.  Here is what you do 1) sign the written warning with an addendum of your side of the story and witness (go ahead drag in the other employees)  2) ask for a copy of everything, and periodically check in with your superior that you are in fact doing the corrective action necessary  3) you could hire an employment lawyer but it is doubtful you have the money for an attorney and trust us...Ed Fanucchi doesn't give a shit about you, he only cares about the liability of the home and turning the image of the home around for more donations.

It's your call Lori, if you can turn it around stay.  But knowing your reputation it's only bound to get worse. 

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