Sunday, March 2, 2014

California Armenian Home once again snubs an Armenian Fresno Leader

Once again Ms. Yuba the Nazi has snubbed a Fresno Armenian leader, but this time it was just not any leader.  This woman was responsible for donating the money to erect a flag pole which houses the Armenian flag at the entrance of the California Armenian Home.  To spare her name and her family's privacy we will refer to her as her initials "AM".   "AM" 's family had called to have her admitted to the California Armenian Home.  They were rejected because the 150 bed hospital that she donated THOUSANDS $$ to claimed "We are full"
Maybe full of shit!!!
The real truth is the hospital namely Yuba the BLACK snake doesn't want Armenians in the hospital that have family checking on them.  "AM" has a daughter that is diligent and would have been watching every move of this staff. 
Never fear Yuba, it will cost you in more donations $$$ as your hospital slips further into the hands of non Armenians this wealthy Armenian woman "AM" is in a private home operated by Armenians. You see Yuba, aka the Black Snake....we have our own living facilities in Fresno County and won't be needing your services any longer. 

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