Thursday, March 7, 2013

California Armenian Home, one of the reasons wealthy Armenians do not wish to donate here

Over the last 40 years, the California Armenian Home went from a privately subsidized home with only 30 beds to a government financed home with questionable practices.  The standards of care have lowered and there just isn't any interest from the wealthy Armenian community in the home because the home would rather hire this sort of riff raff.  The budget put into the grounds and outer appearances is insanely high. 

Would you hire this?   or donate to this place?  

Gun permit?   NO
Tresspassing   YES
Crazy Bitch     Her friends call her this and then remark to "not mix wine with shooting so she can hit her mark."

The question is will she go postal and bring her guns to work?  If she does it is Yuba's fault, for hiring psychos like this.  This loser also sets a bad example for the rest of the staff that believe they have their own code of laws to go by not by the state, county or federal laws. 

This person also takes photos of inside of the California Armenian Home and frequently invades the privacy of residents and their families.    She has no business near patients, or even caring for the elderly, this is a dangerous person with poor judgment.   The California Armenian Home bypasses hiring qualified employees with degrees for this?   At this point the word on the street is no one with any skills that are marketable will work there.  WalMart or California Armenian Home?  Well it's not for educated Armenians because Yuba cannot stand having someone around that is smarter or more powerful than her.    Maybe Yuba will let this thing into her private gym so they can work out  shoot together.  Great professionalism Yuba, keep it up, surely you will pass those long lists of audits.  Especially the financial one. 
Taking photos of the inside of the California Armenian Home, it was her birthday and she wanted the whole world to know about it.  So she took this picture and has a big blabber mouth boasting about taking the picture inside of the health care facility.  Wait till the next audit hits, it is going to be a doozie.  Lets put it this way Yuba the Black Snake may not get her bonus check.  Yuba hates Armenians and they hate her, they refuse to work for her.  Except for 3 that barely speak English.  But then ----> Yuba barely speaks English. 


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