Saturday, June 29, 2013

California Armenian Home Health Care Fraud

Every politician moans that entitlement spending is out of control, so it ought to be easy at least to stop blatant fraud and abuse. Evidently not, says the Wall Street Journal.
The scene of this crime is Medicaid; it turns out that states have been goosing their financing arrangements to maximize their federal payouts and dump more of their costs onto taxpayers nationwide. The swindle works like this, says the Journal:
  • A state overpays state-run health-care providers, such as county hospitals or nursing homes, for Medicaid benefits far in excess of its typical rates.
  • Then the federal government reimburses the state for "half" of the inflated bills.
  • Once the state bags the extra matching funds, the hospital is required to rebate the extra money it received at the scam's outset.
Cash thus makes a round trip from states to providers and back to the states -- all to dupe Washington. The right word for this is fraud. A corporation caught in this kind of self-dealing -- faking payments to extract billions, then laundering the money -- would be indicted. In fact, a new industry of contingency-fee consultants has sprung up to help states find and exploit the "ambiguities" in Medicaid's regulatory wasteland. All the feds can do is notice loopholes when they get too expensive and close them, whereupon the cycle starts over.
A reform alternative would be for the government to distribute block grants, rather than a set fee for every Medicaid service, says the Journal. That would amputate Washington from state accounting and insulate taxpayers from these shakedowns. States would have an incentive to spend more responsibly, and also craft innovative policies without Beltway micromanagement.
Source: Editorial, "Medicaid Money Laundering," Wall Street Journal, May 19, 2008.
For text:

Remember that this sham of a nursing home exists on 85% from Medicaid or California (MediCAL)
The Millions that go into this facility are staggering and so is the salaries of Yuba and her circle of pals.   Too bad there is no support from the Armenian Community any more.  They have other REAL charities they are donating to.  Besides most don't use the California Armenian Home anymore, they do home health care instead.   Yuba came back in 2007, after there was a "scandal" of missing funds.  Yuba doesn't have what it takes to build the home up as she has no clout or respect from the Armenian community who once was 100% behind the place.
To those of us who had families that built the place and put in time, sweat and hard work it's time to tell the board to take the word "Armenian" off the sign and stop exploiting the word  "Armenian"

Yuba is 67 years old and needs to take a hike or learn some professionalism.  We hear they are interviewing people, Yuba cannot sustain the home forever. 
The word is that they are going through extensive repairs and upgrades then will sell to a corporation to take it off the hands of the aging board.  

We have no interest any more, after we have had to deal with the decline over the last 20 years.  It's not the pride of the Armenian Community, the new generation and immigrants see right through the fact the facility has nothing to do with Armenians.  In name only.  We won't be exploited.
Yuba you don't like the Armenian community, we certainly don't like you.  

Start packing Yuba.

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