Monday, June 10, 2013

California Armenian Home and the most professional of employees!!

Armenians no longer manage this home and in fact, have nothing to do with it.  The Ani Guild, Home Guild and Board of Directors are older and have no interest from the younger Armenian Business communities. 
There is no Armenians in the Administrative staff Yuba has made sure of this.
The patient population of the California Armenian Home is not Armenian.

Isn't it time that they remove the word "Armenian" off the sign?
Stop trying to entice anyone to donate just because the sign has the word "Armenian" in it. 

Take it off the sign, sell the place and let these barnyard animals operate the home.  
Yuba, your group of professionals (snickers, giggles) cannot find a job anywhere else.  While they hate working for you they will stay because they have no where else to go. 
Laughable Losers!!!  
Meanwhile the old bags of the board, cannot get anyone interested in the Armenian Home to be on the board.  Sell the home and keep these Barnyard Animals to operate it.  The home declines year after year in professionalism and donations.  
The home is subsidized 85% by MediCAL and Medicare.  Take off the word "Armenian" and have the State operate it.   
These poor old bags are tired. 

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