Friday, April 12, 2013

California Armenian Home, puts in security gates and guard station

The California Home for the Aged dba the California Armenian Home is spending thousands to put in a security gate and guard station. Most of us with access to police logs have found that the police have been called out several times for tresspassers and angry ex-spouses of some of the minions workers of the California Armenian Home.
Not to mention the unlawful behavior of employees who have cameras on the floor and call the police to try and protect their horrible behavior. Yuba, you can hire all the losers you want, the end is coming soon for you and that fake face lift.
We have some sources at the state that have "suggested" to the California Armenian Home in their audit to have this up.
What the California Armenian Home should be concerned about is their workers that drink, shoot guns and are not doing their job.   
Lets all work together to insure that the California Armenian Home spend more and more money until they file bankruptcy.  Or until the home is sold and not in the clutches of a bunch of Armenians who care less about the place and allow the Croatian Witch to take control.
Run it into the ground Yuba we support you 100% 
You and your hatred for Armenians is really paying off for you.

Maybe this security gate is to keep out all the disgruntled employees from going postal like this "Crazy Bitch" (as called by her friends)

Yuba, wait till this minion has her justice with you.

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