Tuesday, April 23, 2013

California Armenian Home and Yuba Radojkovich the ugly lying Croatian Witch

I'm wondering if a plastic surgeon can offer an expert opinion on what cosmetic procedures were likely performed on this with that resulted in her recent facial appearance? It is said around Fresno that she got a facelift/bleph, which did not turn out well. How does this happen & why the lumpiness/weird contour & immobility? Possible nerve damage? For her age her body is not bad, must be all the work outs in the gym that that loser board supplied to the home that is used as her personal gym.
But REALLY Yuba?  You think you can dress like a 28 year old when you are 67 years old?  Not bad.   You will get no money from the churches they compete with you and none of the Priests make $164,000 a year like you do.  Soon we will post your salary and tax return to show the remaining donors what a scam you got going on.

Hasta la Vista - YUBA the Croatian Witch.   (Tell us if this is one UGLY WOMAN OR MAN?0
(yes some people remark she looks like a male transvestite) 

God she is so butt ass ugly and uneducated.  The word is there is several qualified Administrators interested in this position.  Lets see if the board will actually work to turn the hospital around into a "True" Armenian operated and inhabited home or stay lazy and pay the Witch and her minions to do the dirty work.    No more money for this place in Armenian donations, let it rot with government funding. 


  1. There isn't a family in Fresno that built the California Armenian Home that likes what is going on. We are the truth seekers and their is no more community support.
    Truth will always prevail, it's in the numbers and the donations are very very low. Armenian families are moving over to Fairwinds and other places operated by professional staff.

    There is good staff here but bad staff that Yuba has enabled. The minions that follow Yuba cannot find a job anywhere else so they cling on to their paltry job with low wages. Especially those that have blemishes on their licenses for violating health care codes.
    Results of audits have not been good.

  2. Unfortunately, the good staff moves on. Because they can. The poor ones are stuck there forever (poor things)
    Truth marches on at the County, State and Federal level.
    Not even Dr. Yuba (snicker giggles) can save anyone. All the money is gone.
    LMAO and slapping our knees in laughter as we write this. Thank you to Yuba who never called back the Armenian girl who had over 1 year experience as a licensed RNA, speaks 3 languages but was never called back. That is OK she has gotten her Bachelor of Science Degree and moved on to a great job.
    The word is out about this place. Steve was a good nurse but was fired by Yuba.

  3. Ex and current employees tell no lies.


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