Tuesday, October 30, 2012

California Armenian Home---The Farmer and HIS crop.................

Fumigation of the Weeds is beginning and the new farmers will continue the clean up

The Farmer and his Crop....................

Over 50 years ago the hard working Farmer started his crop.  He had help from other farmers to develop, build and maintain his successful crop.  With the Farmers hard work, sacrifice and love of THEIR land, not to mention their reputation, they were hailed and honored with awards, DONATION$ and more land for growth.  The Farmer's names were their honor and they took pride in caring for their crop.

Through the years the farmers died their children and community grew tired of caring for the crop 24/7.  Their children became educated and successful, they decided to put in non-farmers and pay them for their work---only the non-farmers are not educated, don't care and merely wish to hire more non-farmers.
The standards were lowered, the farmers became mere workers for money to survive.  The non-farmers don't care about the original farmer's vision, passion or reputation...they only care about the paycheck.

The standards of the crop slipped to such a low point and weeds begin to over take the beautiful and successful crop.  Money stopped flowing into the crop from the farmer's family and community.  The government's money started to be the norm because the current non-workers and volunteers couldn't raise money because of the bar being set so low. 

Friends and family of new workers were hired, soon they had their own camps and loyalities covering for each other's lack of professionalism.  Always playing the victim and pointing back at the Farmer's community as the problem.  These workers are cockroaches, rodents and slackers who soon destroyed the crop to the point were the government has to send in their team of fumigators to clean up the mess.

We don't blame the original farmers, they were tired.  They allowed and trusted non-farmers to continue the vision and dream only to have it replaced with weeds and infestation to enter and destroy the crop.  The rodents, cockroaches and slackers are merely trying to feed their families and recieve little money from the original farmers.  Their very existence and salaries are now greatly dependant on the government who is watching the non-workers and requesting changes to be made.

The crop is changing, the laws and standards are going to change.  The fumigation is starting and soon the weeds will be gone.  No longer will the farmers and his community be threatened or treated with disrespect to the crop and it's well being.  The crop is the most important thing and the non-farmers have not cared for the crop as they should.  The non-farmers who polluted the crop and gave the farm a bad name will soon scatter.  Hiding behind other non-farmers don't always have your back.  You need to go, if you abuse the crop you have no place around OUR farm.

That NEW farmer will be here soon. 

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