Wednesday, August 28, 2013

California Armenian Home, and the reason why groups pull support away $$

Triple X Fraternity use to meet at the old age home
They are a group of Armenian businessmen: Bankers, lawyers, farmers

Here is a background on the Triple X Fraternity:

TRIPLE X FRATERNITY was founded by eight young men of Armenian parentage in the year 1918 in Fresno, California.

The name "TRIPLE X" was adopted for the organization and was to represent three times the Roman numeral ten, added up, summed thirty which was the total number of members they hoped to acquire and limit the group's size.

The purpose and objectives of this Fraternity is to promote charity, benevolence, mental improvement, social culture, and strengthening of the bonds of friendship among its members; to observe and adhere to the principles of truth, justice and loyalty.

In the year 1928 the Los Angeles and Golden Gate Chapters were founded. This created the need for a Grand Chapter, which was founded in April of 1928. Selma Chapter was formed in 1933. In the years to follow the Oakland, Peninsula, Capitol, Sequoia, San Diego, Mt. Diablo, Orange County, Las Vegas, and Palm Desert Chapters were also formed.

As the story is told to us, the local Triple X Fraternity had been meeting at the California Armenian Home for over 25 years.  They also were a major supporter.  "were" as in past tense.  When Yuba arrived back in Fresno from San Diego, she asked them for full rent on the building to hold meetings.  They reminded Yuba of the millions they have donated to the California Armenian Home over the last 50 years. 

End of story.....No more money or support from the Triple X to the California Armenian Home.  Their money now goes to support education and scholarships a much better cause.

Let the California Armenian Home rot with money from California MediCAID.    Bravo Triple X, you did the right thing.  To you Yuba, keep up the great work with getting support from the Armenian Community and exploiting the word "Armenian" on the front sign. 

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