Saturday, July 20, 2013

California Armenian Home and dwindling Armenian support $$, also no interest in the AACL

Here are some photos of the July 4th, "Sounds of Freedom" celebration at the AACL (Armenian American Citizens League) Building on the grounds of the California Armenian Home.  Over 35 years ago, when it was built, the keys were handed over to the Nursing Home, to collect rent. This was when the Nursing Home was Armenian operated and inhabited (majority) this was to help financially with the operations of the home to care for our elderly.  Then an ugly monster started to happen...called Yuba and Medicaid.  Yuba hates Armenians, and only wants 1 thing from them MONEY, and now the Nursing Home operates 85% on Medicaid, it's not necessary to take our building and charge for rental.  Not many groups use the building anymore because of this, except for the Churches that use if for their picnics, the AACL will have events there.

The word is the AACL would like to sever ties with Yuba and the Nursing Home as they know they cannot survive under the grips of Yuba.  We want our club back and seperate from the home.

As you can see from the photos not many people attended this event.  It is sad.  Most of the people we talked to are aware of Yuba's reputation and the California Armenian Home not being "Armenian"  Yuba will never hire an Armenian higher up than cleaning to work there, conversely- Educated Armenians wouldn't work for that idiot.  Take off the word "Armenian" and SELL the home.  Some of the older people that showed up are disappointed in the home, one is a very wealthy man has in home services for him and his wife and said "I will never put my wife or myself in there"

Good for you!!!, Now lets take back our building away from that lying Armenian hater Yuba.

Their vision destroyed by Yuba

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