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California Armenian Home- The TRUTH WINS a lesson in self-dealings, and unprofessional conduct $$

L & J Telesmanic Rehab Systems has the contract for the California Armenian Home.  Public Records – 990 IRS Tax docluments 2011 show that they are compensated $967,818.00 per year ($1 million dollars)

The owners of this rehab company is Luciano and Joanne Telesmanic (Tel  se man ich) yes that is right Luciano and Joanne are of Croatian descent as Yuba or Lubjica Radojkovich, the Administrator is. 

While Armenian businesses are no longer used at the California Armenian Home, and there is roughly 3 Armenians employed there in menial positions and NO ADMINISTRATIVE positions.  What is it that Yuba is afraid people will find out- is it the *self dealing?  In fact, Yuba Rottenbitch has kept Armenian physicians from becoming the medical director while pushing non Armenian physicians.  This also includes the Unit Dose pharmacy no longer handled by Armenian owned Model Drug but by PharmAmerica.  Instead Yuba keeps employees in positions that are unemployable elsewhere so they will hide her secret *self dealings.

When discussing the use of non-Armenian business to service the California Armenian Home.  Most businesses seem relieved they don’t have to deal with the Crazy Croatian Witch aka The Black Snake anymore.  Other Armenian businesses after reviewing the 990 Tax returns have never made the kind of money Yuba and her cronies make and resent being asked for donations year after year.  As it is not an Armenian facility (in name only) anyone that visits the inside on a regular basis knows this to be true. 

The Armenian owned businesses who once serviced the home are relieved to no longer have to deal with Yuba Radojkovich.  Yuba is no liked by members of the Armenian community, and from Yuba’s anti-Armenian behavior and remarks the feelings are mutual.  Another sore subject is ownership of the AACL building which was mistakenly put into the ownership of the home when it was 100% Armenian and needed the money.  Now that it is largely a government subsidized home let us take back our AACL building and cut the ties with the word “Armenian”

The residents of the California Armenian Home are not Armenian, Armenians represent only 15-20% of the total 120 beds (roughly anywhere from 16-20) and will never have a higher population than 20 at any given time.  The word is out on Yuba and the California Armenian Home, the home has nothing to do with Armenians except for 3 employees, an Armenian board and an occasional Armenian meal. 

But boy oh boy does Yuba like getting that Armenian money donated to her.  Private donations has dwindled year after year to $749,970.00 (reported in 2011) one time was over $1 million a year.  With total revenue being $11,665.801.  Operational money is- 80% is from Government Medicaid and Medicare, roughly 15 % is private insurance and donations, the rest is private pay.  The price tag for human warehousing on the skilled nursing side is $5,900 per month ($70,000 per year) 

The Kings Canyon Rd.,  sign continues to abuse the word “Armenian” to induce some older Armenians to donate just because the sign says “Armenian” means nothing.  Just as the Hospital got a 4 star rating means nothing it is not a country club or hotel.  Although we all know that they are working hard on the image and it’s an upill battle as less and less people are interested in being on the board (which has nothing to do with the daily operation of the home)  nor the stack of audits from the last 12 months that will prevent Yuba from getting her $20,000 bonus.  Why should Yuba get a kick back for doing her job? Or sorry, the compliance work is done by the staff not Yuba Rottenbitch.

Yuba, demands full control of operations and the board merely sits in the background approving or making “recommendations”.  Many people have left the board in disgust because they have no say in anything.  Additionally the Ani and Home Guild only work on beautification projects and are no longer a young group willing to make any changes.  In fact, no one under the age of 50 cares anymore, as they realize they don’t have an obligation to care for people and the original intent of the home has been abused and exploited while GREED has set in. 

As the home moves to the next generation (who care less) the old timers like Lucy, Julie, et al will have no say.  They have told people in the community they want to leave the California Armenian Home in good shape than it is the next generations job to care for it.  That is why there is a rush for improvements, many feel they should sell the facility.  

It has been suggested that Yuba’s self-dealings indirectly benefit her own pocketbook.  Is the Croatian company L & J Rehab giving Yuba a kick back of some of this $1 million in fees?  


          *Self-dealing is the conduct of a trustee, an attorney, a corporate officer, or other fiduciary      that consists of   taking advantage of his position in a transaction and acting for his own interests rather than for the interests of the beneficiaries of the trust, corporate  shareholders, or his clients. Self-dealing may involve  misappropriation or usurpation of  corporate assets or opportunities. Self-dealing is a form of conflict of  interest.

Political scientists Ken Kernaghan and John Langford, in their book “The Responsible Public Servant”, define self-dealing as “a situation where one takes an action in an official capacity which involves dealing with oneself in a private capacity and which confers a benefit on oneself."

Michael McDonald, Ph.D, Chair of Applied Ethics at The University of British Columbia provides examples based from this book: “You work for government and use your official position to secure a contract for a private consulting company you own” or “using your government position to get a summer job for your daughter”.

Where a fiduciary has engaged in self-dealing, this constitutes a breach of the fiduciary relationship. The principal of that fiduciary (the person to whom duties are owed) may sue and both recover the principal's lost profits and disgorge the principal's wrongful profits




  1. This is not a great palace to work but it is a job and many of us have no money.
    Please stop posting this garbage on the internet I really need htis job.

  2. No because truth wins and everyday that you drive up that long driveway, going to a job you hate hope you burn in hell for kissing Yuba's ass.

    Truth Wins!!!!


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