Thursday, November 1, 2012

California Armenian Home- The Walls have Eyes and Ears

The walls have eyes and ears, there is nothing that is secret.  The only people that are destroying the California Armenian Home is the    A )Cockroach, B ) Snake, C) Rat/Rodent/and D) Parasite.
If they don't like truth about their professional shortcommings take it to court so we can get it all out in the open.  

Will give you some hints on which is which, match their descriptions with their photo below.  Although I am told it is getting harder and harder to find their disgusting photos they are scrubbing their facebook accounts.  Why so afraid of the truth?  Did they get told about social media laws and working in healthcare?  Hmm  only a matter of time.

A)  Cockroach is a minimum wage activities worker and has no education about geratrics or posseses any kind of degree.  Although he claims (oops it is the only "HE") to have a degree from CSUF, professor and admission sources tell us this is untrue.  He (oops again) threatened an elderly man in front of Turner Security who has nicely documented it.  Then caused the poor man to have a heart attack and spend 1 week in the Hospital.  The "Cockroach" cannot possibly make enough money to support his kid that he parades around in the Nursing Home from time to time.  While the elderly people laugh at his feeble attempts to speak Armenian like he has some sort of class.   I am told the elderly man he victimized has some male relatives that are going to be taking care of business real soon.  One of which is now on the board.  Say "adios" grease ball.

B)  Snake is our favorite, has "anxiety" she claims (liar)  and attempted to file Workman's Comp.  According to the Workman's Comp Fraud unit, she has taken no time off or was hospitalized as her victims were and ARE.  We are told there are quite a few people at her new station that are in and out of the hospital.  Snake is clever but not unique, she likes to gossip and create DRAMA, at work she is known as the "Drama Queen" and fake kiss ass.  Graduated from Clovis Adult School (We are told with not good grades).  The Snake likes to create problems and is a total slacker,  she listens to no laws, regulations or health care privacy code of conduct.  If she is doing something wrong (which is frequently) then the SNAKE becomes the "Victim" crying Victim, Victim, Victim.  WAaaaa, WAaaa, sob sob.  You know the type?  They fuck up, then create a drama away from their own sorry behavior.  Disrespects the elderly and their families who are the customers.    Hint here, the "Snake" aka Drama Queen is always texting, and taking photos at work.  While at the same time roams freely around as if she owns the deed to the home or is in charge.  Walks into the board room and wherever else she feels like.  Can be heard on a tape crying "oh officer" "oh officer"  (Armenian Cop- stupid move)  
Lets see if she is strong enough to handle herself in court again.  She is a single mother and desperately needs this job otherwise she would be at a Hospital getting the big bucks.   Too late now, she is blackballed.  Better sign up for those online nursing courses and hope you can bridge to RN, that is if your license isn't yanked first.
The SNAKE is poison to other workers and to the California Armenian Home.  Likes to shoot guns and try to intimidate others.    Snake don't mix your anxiety medication with alcohol and try not to drink and shoot out in Sanger, the cops are watching you.  Stop tresspassing on that property or at least find out who owns it, you will be surprised.  We hear the Sanger Nursing Home is hiring, that is closer to home.   Except the place is ran by an Armenian and you would REALLY have to work not pretend to work.  Just thinking of you with gas as expensive as it is and being a single mom and all. 

C)  Ah the Rat/Rodent...this is the most comical.  This FAT RAT hires only people of her culture then covers for them when they make mistakes.  The RAT / Rodent has no degree in Recreational Therapy and has no business near private medical cases or knowing any information in the patient''s / resident's medical history or care.  This RAT is too busy trying to cover her own FAT ASS and that of her Buddy the Cockroach.  She frequently talks about getting drunk and partying, and distastefully puts unprofessional photos online of her and the "staff" drinking and carrying on.  Although MS. FAT RAT, has tried to scrub and clean those photos to try and protect the reputation of the California Armenian Home or is it because there is a NEW BOARD ?  Maybe all of those county, state and federal government people walking through the place is making her nervous.  The RAT loves degrading the California Armenian Home and giving it a horrible reputation.  She even now is trying to add "Spanish Services" to the program and other comical unprofessional things.  The FAT RAT is an accident waiting to happen, without proper medical background training Ms. FAT RAT is having patients/Residents do activities that are not recommended by their physicians or are cleared to do so.  Is this the face of the California Armenian Home?  Or their attempt to keep their hands on that Government money?    Remember FAT RAT, we have friends, family, board members and staff that are letting us know your moves.   We have seen over 27 people come and go from the California Armenian Home as Activities Director over the last 50+ years.  They come and they go.....the FAT RAT is no different.  Meanwhile don't let the fake title go to your head, you have no friends on the board. 

D)  Parasite is sometimes called the Fish or Baracuda because of her facial deformaties.  Note, her eyes are on the sides of her head very very far apart.  It could be from the inbreding of her Molokan background (oops we gave it away)  The Parasite, has a big mouth and hates being a CNA.  Watch her comically roll her eyes and walk fast from task to task never completing one.  THen she will complain about being overworked, and that the California Armenian Home is understaffed with CNA's.  This is the reason she gives for not doing her job.  She has an alliance with the SNAKE and they all talk frequently with text messaging as if that will save their jobs.    Currently the Parasite is going to Heald College to be a Pharmacy Technician, but those online photos of her drunk did nothing for her reputation and now are in the hands of the new board members not to mention the Fresno Madera Pharmaceutical Association.  The Parasite, is lame, odd, bizarre and just plain creepy.  But she fits in with the rest of the White Trash Gang, in the end they will all throw her under the bus to save their own job.   
Abuses elderly people, one old man who is now deceased was left in bed to scream out all the time.  This Parasite was always going in the room telling him to "shut up".  She also blames the LVNs for not giving her hearing aids of the patients and thinks it's acceptable to withhold hearing aids and leave an elderly person in silence.  This Parasite has lied and said she was "afraid" of a family member but fails to mention how she has screamed and glared into the room of this family member.  She loves to become "Victim" when held accountable for her professional shortcommings.  Hey parasite, go back to Kerman to the Molokan colony.  In Armenia, you Molokans are the parasites of our country not much different in the USA are you?  BTW, stay away from the alcohol it doesn't mix well with the prescriptions you take and you Russians get crazy with alcohol, cannot handle it. 

So can you match the description with the photos?  Don't worry we never illegal took these photos in the healthcare facility.  These were openly posted on the World Wide Web.  Remember the Walls have Eyes and Ears.  And the NEW board is making changes.  Match the photo with the above description, have fun!!!

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